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     Toxins accumulate in our bodies through the effects of  stress, pharmaceutical drugs, pollution, smoking, alcohol and diet. The body continually absorbs toxins from its surroundings, through the atmosphere and liquids coming into contact with the skin, and through nutrition which plays a very important part of healing. 


     In the past, we received the negative hydrogen through the consumption of raw vegetables and light proteins, but  processing, storage, chemicals, and handling have virtually stripped the modern diet of this increasingly vital element.These toxins are either filtered out by the Kidneys and excreted via the Urinal Bladder, or they are stored (indefinitely) in the Liver, where eventually they will cause deterioration.Toxins work in the body by competing for mineral receptor sites at the enzyme level. The inability of an enzyme to function properly can manifest itself in many different disease states depending upon each individual’s genetic makeup (DNA). Consequently, it is always important to address your own toxic load whenever you have any kind of symptom that does not seem normal. The speed of symptom onset, from acute (fast) to chronic (slow) depends upon the degree of toxic exposure as well as each individual’s genetic make-up. Today, many of our unexplainable diseases are directly associated with high levels of tissue toxins.


Effects of Toxicity in the Body

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